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Electrical conduit

Product name:PVC-U Electrical Bushing and Telecom Pipe



Product Usage

1.Light weight, easy transportation and handling, simple construction: PVC electrical bushing and telecom pipe are of light weight, about 1/5 of metallic pipe weight; it is simple to transport, handle and construct PVC pipe, saving cost and construction time.

2.Excellent electrical insulation and fire-retardant properties: PVC pipe is of excellent electrical insulation and fire-retardant properties. It will not be broken down by 2000V voltage within 15 minutes, with R≥100MΩ. The pipes applicable to wires and cables can be widely used in telecom and electrical piping as well as telecom piping of buildings.

3.High mechanical strength: PVC pipe has high compression strength and impact strength, as well as excellent resistance to disturbance and stratigraphic changes. At room temperature, it is applicable to a variety of telecom piping projects.

4.Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, long service life: PVC pipe has excellent resistance to acid, alkali and corrosion, and will not be eroded even if it is buried for years. PVC pipe is an inert material, with service life of more than 50 years.

f 0.07mm/m℃, the pipe causes less deformation after affected by temperature, which is 100%-130% lower than similar polyolefin material. With small elastic modulus of thermal conductivity coefficient, it enjoys better anti-freezing performance as compared to cast iron drainage pipes.  

7.Our pipes and fittings can be connected by adhesive bonding, with simple construction method and easy operation, but high installation efficiency. 

This product is applied in power piping, outdoor communication cable and optical cable piping system, including interoffice trunk piping, private network piping and telecom piping, etc.