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PE-RT floor heating pipe fittings

Product name:PE-RT floor heating pipe and pipe fittings

PE-RT is the English abbreviation of Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance. PE-RT is a kind of copolymer composed of ethylene-octane comonomers, which controls properly the number and distribution of branched chains on polyethylene molecular chain in polymerization reaction. “Yuanyang” brand PE-RT pipe is made of originally imported raw materials of Korea SK Chemicals Co., Ltd. and needs no cross-linking during production, with simple production process as well as stable and reliable quality. With excellent physical and mechanical properties as well as good recycling property, PE-RT is the only new special material for heating pipes with excellent long-term hydrostatic performance under high temperature and high pressure without cross linking. The product has passed 5000 times of thermal cycling test and 8760 hours of thermal stability test under the hydrostatic state by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center. Its service life reaches 50 years under normal service conditions.



Product Usage

1.With light weight, the product is convenient to handle and easy to install and construct.

2.Solid and tough material allows the pipe to bend freely without deformation or “rebound” phenomenon during construction, thus avoid damaging the pipe at the bending area arising from stress concentration during use.  

3.It can be connected by hot-melting connection or by metal pipe. Among all the new pipe materials, PE-RT is the safest and most reliable material to use hot-melting connection.

4.The lower surface tension on inner wall of the pipe makes the water with higher surface tension hard to soak the inner wall, thus prevent the formation of water scale effectively.

5.It is free of any additive, non-toxic, tasteless, anti-mildew and no breeding of bacteria.

6.The pipe has smooth inner wall, low fluid resistance, good hydraulic properties and small noise.

7.With good resistance to low temperature, it allows construction in the chilly winter, and needs no pre-heating before bending.

8.It has extraordinary heat dissipation performance, with the thermal conductivity coefficient being 0.4W/M·K, enabling it to save considerable energy sources in the process of heating.

9.It has the reasonable service life of over 50 years. 

1. Housing, villas, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, library, exhibition hall, conference room, swimming pool, entertainment, etc.

2. The greenhouse, greenhouse, computer room, fish farms, nurseries, livestock farm, airports and other industrial areas, as well as outside the station, parking lot, ramp, outdoor sports ground snowmelt engineering, etc.

3. The construction of hot and cold water supply piping drinking water system.

4. The food industry in the beverage, wine, milk and other liquid pipelines.