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PVC-M water pipe fittings

Product name:PVC-M water pipe fittings

Product Description: High-impact PVC-M water supply pipe is made by inorganic rigid particles toughening method. This method can not only make PVC materials maintain high strength and have good toughness and pressure bearing capacity, but also can intensify ductility and anti-cracking property of the materials. Such pipes can be widely applied to water transport and distribution pipe networks, industrial production pipe networks, and urban & rural water drainage and irrigation system. In terms of selection of PVC resin for producing high-impact water supply pipes, Yuanyang Plastics takes strict control over VCM content and uses organic tin as the stabilizer to guarantee excellent health performance. As tested by authoritative institutions like China National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Plastic Products and Hygiene Detection Center of Shandong Province, our products comply with the requirements of relevant national standards and enterprise standards, and reach the world’s advanced level.



Product Usage

In addition to the advantages of ordinary plastic pipes such as light weight, good water tightness, excellent hygienic properties, convenient construction & installation, long service life, etc., high-impact PVC-M water supply pipes also have the following characteristics:

1. Excellent toughness and impact resistance

Comparing with ordinary PVC-U pipes of the same specifications, our products enjoy obviously higher anti-impact properties, which can resist point load and uneven settlement of foundation more effectively.

2. Higher ability of water hammer resistance

It can resist water hammer effectively and avoid damage of pipelines during movement.

3. Higher environmental stress cracking resistance properties

Be able to resist external force impact on pipes during installation and transportation.

4.Strong resistance to chemical corrosion

The pipes have strong resistance to chemical corrosion and can be used to any occasion where PVC-U pipes apply. 

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