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HDPE water pipe fittings

Product name:HDPE water pipe fittings



Product Usage

•Reliable connection:

By use of electric hot-melt interconnection method for polyethylene pipe (tubing) system, the joint strength is higher than pipe body strength; meanwhile, quick and easy flange connection method is applicable to connection between polyethylene pipe and other pipes.

• Excellent low-temperature impact resistance:

Low-temperature brittleness temperature of polyethylene is very low, with a safe use temperature range from -60to 60; In case of construction in winter, tube embrittlement never occurs, because of good impact resistance property of the material.

• Excellent property of stress cracking resistance:

HDPE has low notch sensitivity, high shearing strength and excellent scratch-resistance capability. In addition, its property of environmental stress cracking resistance is also very prominent.

• Excellent property of chemical corrosion resistance:

HDPE pipe can withstand corrosion from a variety of chemical media; chemicals existing in the soil will not cause any degradation of the pipes. 

• Anti-aging, long service life:

The polyethylene pipes containing 2 - 2.5% uniformly-distributed carbon black can be stored or used for 50 years in the outdoor open air, without damage due to ultraviolet radiation.

• Good wear resistance:

Comparative wear tests between HDPE pipe and steel pipe show that the wear resistance of HDPE pipe is 4 times of steel pipe; in the application field of mud transportation, compared with steel pipe, HDPE pipe has better wear resistance, which means that HDPE pipe has longer service life and better economic effect.

• Good routability:

The flexibility of HDPE pipe makes it easy to bend, it is available to bypass the obstacles in piping works by changing the route of pipes; on many occasions, the use of flexible pipe can reduce consumption of fittings and lower the installation costs.

• Small water flow resistance:

HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface, with Manning coefficient of 0.009. Smooth surface and non-adhesion property ensure that HDPE pipe not only has a higher water transmission capacity than traditional pipe, but also reduces pressure loss and water-transmission energy consumption in pipeline.

• Easy handling:

HDPE pipe is lighter than concrete pipe, galvanized pipe and steel pipe, it is easy to handle and install with less manpower and equipment requirements, which means drastically-reduced installation costs.

• Variety of construction methods:

HDPE pipe is applicable to a variety of construction techniques, in addition to the traditional excavation construction method, a variety of new trenchless technologies are available for construction, such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, liner and pipe explosion etc., which is the only choice for place where excavation is not allowed, therefore HDPE pipe application field is wider.

• Urban water supply
With comprehensive advantages of safety, health and construction convenience etc., HDPE pipe (tubing) has become the ideal pipe of urban water supply.
• Natural gas and coal gas pipeline
Since HDPE pipe has a series of advantages such as reliable connections, stable performance, easy construction, corrosion resistance and so on; it becomes the only choice for the medium & low-pressure natural gas pipelines.
• Food and chemical industry
Due to the unique property of chemical corrosion resistance, HDPE pipe can be used in transmission or emission of various acid, alkali & salt solutions, with long service life and low cost of installation and maintenance.
• Ore sand and mud transportation
The wear resistance of HDPE pipe is 4 times of steel pipe so that it can be widely used in transportation of ore sand, power plant fly ash, river-dredging mud and the like.
• Replacement of cement pipe, cast iron and steel pipe
For old pipe modification of cement pipes and cast iron pipes etc. originally laid in urban areas, HDPE pipe is available for replacement by being inserted directly into the old pipes, without extensive excavation, hence resulting in low cost and short construction time, especially suitable for the pipeline reconstruction in old urban areas.
• Landscaping pipe network
A lot of water transmission pipes are needed in landscaping work while HDPE pipe is low-cost one, it is worth vigorously promoting.