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Health supervision bureau leadership a line to visit my company inspection guidance

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On January 5, health department of shandong province, binzhou city health supervision bureau inspection group a line to my company inspection guidance wading product health work, accompanied by Zhou Jinyong deputy general manager and other leaders.

First of all, by the deputy general manager Zhou Jinyong this paper briefly introduces the recent wading health products, he said: my company earnestly implement the laws and regulations, in accordance with the requirements for the superior timely formulate the rectification of the implementation plan, and organize their implementation. According to the general requirements of the municipal public health supervision, actively carry out work. I company for wading product health activities as the basic requirement of implementing the scientific concept of development, actively conduct wading products health permit approval documents, further perfect wading product production process water and the quality of our products and establish a sound mechanism, strengthen the health production base.

Inspection team to our company work wading product health gave high evaluation, think that our company attaches great importance to health work for wading products, production process and product quality the company gives full affirmation, but also put forward the ardent hope, requiring companies to strictly control the product in the process of wading product health performance, guarantee the safety of drinking water and health.

In recent years, under the correct leadership of the leadership of the company, my company produces the wading products in strict accordance with the relevant departments requirements, from raw material procurement, production process control, to the factory inspection is carried out in accordance with the national standard strictly, strictly control product quality, strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by credibility, win the trust of customers.