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I companies to participate in urban civilization traffic allure volunteer service activities

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         Since December 8, binzhou city to create civilized city, binzhou government organization to carry out "to make our city more civilized city" civilized traffic allure volunteer service activities. My company as the municipal civilized unit, actively organize youth volunteers to the Yellow River five bohai 24 road traffic light intersection traffic safety propaganda activities, actively advocate citizens travel civilization.

In the activity, while volunteers in guiding citizens orderly to cross the road, but there are still individual citizens are not out of the car while crossing the zebra crossing, or directly across the street. Hand for volunteers to similar situation, "peace, civilization you I he" the propaganda of the red flag, also combined with the traffic safety situation in the area, through a typical traffic accident cases to explain the importance of obey the traffic rules. Through volunteer service activities, the volunteers were also regrets say: "we cross the road is a personal safety, but also to the peace of the society, I just want to with I am a little bit of small power, let everyone to obey the traffic rules, obey the traffic laws."

Civilization, in our travel. Civilized traffic is the city's image card, a city civilization, the people of the harmonious notes of a happy life. Civilization traffic can not only reflect the degree of civilization of a city, more can reflect the general civilization character of the traffic participants.

As civilized unit in the act of schedule would pay more attention to the image and quality of employee, civilization. A thousand-li journey is started, the first step. Let's action, and consciously abide by traffic safety laws and regulations, fresh air in the whole society to advocate civilized traffic, abandon the uncivilized traffic habits, do a civilized traffic supporters, participants, practitioners, to create a safe, civilized, orderly traffic environment as an own strength, actively respond to binzhou to the slogan of the provincial civilized city municipal party committee and municipal government.