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Congratulations to my company's success with the city's first "patent pledge loan interest discount funds".

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        Binzhou city center has shandong binzhou city finance bureau, the people's bank of China branch, binzhou and binzhou city branch bureau introduced intellectual property office of the joint "binzhou city patent pledge loan management interim measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "method"), specifying terms of binzhou city enterprises within the jurisdiction of the patent pledge to obtain loans, can apply for the patent pledge loan interest project. Bursar's office have mastered the policy in time, I company with the company's "a PE - RT floor heating pipe", "a kind of HDPE water supply pipe" "a PPR hot and cold water pipes" "a - M high impact PVC water pipe" four utility model patents to CCB binzhou penang branch boss hk $ten thousand of loans made the pledge counter guarantee measures, in both countries vein (Beijing) assets appraisal co., LTD., made the assets evaluation report for the four patents, and in the first time reported binzhou economic development zone intellectual property office of the discount information. After layers of audit, the company was successfully received in November 2015, "the patent pledge loan interest discount funds" 85500 yuan, although the amount is not big, but it was the first in the city since the methods introduced "the patent pledge loan interest discount funds", and my honor to become the first company to obtain the fund units. Downturn in the financial environment, financial funding costs higher today, the money has not only in a certain extent, reduce the cost of financing my company, also to the brothers enterprise develop a using company intangible assets effectively combined with the related policies for smes to save path, it may be said "amount is not big, is of great significance.