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My company to participate in provincial colleges and universities campus recruitment activities

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       On November 8, my company in 2015 the first large-scale recruitment activities. Invited to our company to apply for twenty people, mostly college graduates in 2016, and in the majority with college degree or above in interview personnel. Shandong university of science and technology, binzhou college students of colleges and universities notified later to our company to attend the recruitment activity, this activity is given priority to with the interview.

I have a marketing company in recruiting position, industrial accounting, administrative assistant, technicians and other post, before this recruiting activity, make a phone call to come to consult recruitment candidates in an endless stream. Middle of November to December, our company has been in shandong university of science and technology, binzhou college undergraduate course colleges and universities, the activity of campus recruitment talk more. After the announcement, with many eager to job hunting of college students have a resume on our company website, hope to get a suitable job, at the same time through our platform to enhance the value of their own.

This recruiting activity scheduled for November 8 at nine o 'clock in the morning, after the interview notice, gathered from all parts of zibo, dongying, etc to the applicant also very dusty to arrive on time. Xu at 9 a.m. and begin the interview. Separately for the unit with the department of the interview, the interviewer for the head of the department. Most applicants for university graduates, face slightly young immature, but one to the interview site, they are acting confident, supercilious, cope with the best attitude. "Since the last time you came to our school after the talk, I have a wish to join to you, and I also very confident in myself, I hope I can help your company in the future contribute an own helped also hope that through the ocean plastic this platform to realize their life values and goals." To apply for student said in an interview.

The recruitment activity and into the fresh blood for the company, this group of young people with dreams and ambitions will with new attitude to meet the challenge of the company tomorrow. Them, also will be the company's future and hope, under the old employees to lead and guide, they will have elbowed, for the future development of pelagic plastics to create new achievements and brilliant. Hope they can be accompanied by the footsteps of ocean all the way forward, hope that they will be able to follow the rhythm of the ocean development steadily, and hope they can be like the sun of tomorrow, bring ocean with brilliant light!