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Binzhou economic development zone safety bureau inspection group a line to visit my company to check on the work

Updated:2016-03-30    Click:

Recently, binzhou economic development zone safety bureau inspection group a line to my company inspection guide work, accompanied by company safety leading group members, this check is aimed at company dealing with production safety emergency plan practice situation and the existing problems such as safety inspection guidance.

Team a line on the company's production workshop, finished product and raw material warehouse field inspections, work situation of safety in production for my company to give the full affirmation, also the problems existing in the safety work of my company gives the correct, request the company attaches great importance to production safety work. Our company always adhere to the "prevention first, extinguish combined with prevention of work safety guidelines, to timely inspection of key parts, nip in the bud.

With the constant improvement of the company for security work emphasis, production safety emergency plan practice is also included in the company's annual work plan, as one of the annual safety management to grasp. Company every year to organize a more knowledge of safety and fire fighting skills training, improve the fire safety management consciousness and defense, patrol, since the change, self-help ability, to ensure the smooth progress of production to create a favorable security environment.

Safety in production, to yan, lost in the wide, safety work is only starting point without end. Safety in production for enterprise is the basis of stability, safety in production work no small matter, must grab small, from the subtleties to sublimation, safe production micro is sufficient. Company always insist on safe development guidelines and "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" approach. Each work around the company safety production requirements, in accordance with the "a pair of responsibilities" and "who supervises, who is responsible for" principle, implement enterprise's main body responsibility, production safety production department also will undertake the hidden perils, and take concrete and effective measures to strengthen the inspection of production safety, ensure the safety of employees working in the area.