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The state council, further strengthening the construction of urban planning Proactively to sponge city layout

Updated:2016-03-30    Click:


     On February 21, the central committee of the CCP, the state council on further strengthening the construction of urban planning management work of several opinions (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"). The "opinions", on the face of Chinese cities and the kernel has made the detailed provisions, about the big build, shanzhai architecture, performance engineering make strict limits; For wisdom cities, sponge has made forward-looking layout.

        Make full use of the natural mountains and rivers wetland, such as cultivated land, forest land, grassland ecological space, sponge city construction, improving the capacity of water conservation, alleviate the rain flood waterlogging stress, promote the recycling of water resources. Restore the natural ecology city. Formulation and implementation of ecological restoration schemes, in a planned way step by step to repair the damaged mountains, rivers, wetlands, vegetation, promoting mining abandoned land restoration and reuse. The construction of forest city. Promote ecological greening way, protect the fomous trees resources, wide plant local tree species, reduce manual intervention, let halosols deserts the reasonable collocation, natural growth. Encourage the development of roof greening, vertical greening. To further improve the rate per capita urban park green space area and the city proper, change the excessive pursuit of high strength in the construction of city development, the construction of high density, large area of hardening condition, make the city more natural, more ecological, more distinctive. To promote urban management wisdom. Strengthen urban management and service system for intelligent construction, and promote the big data, Internet of things, cloud computing and other modern information technology and urban management service integration, enhance the level of urban management and services.