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Housing and CDB joint mandate to increase credit support for sponge city construction

Updated:2016-03-30    Click:


          Sponge a difficult task, urban construction capital demand, an urgent need to the integrated use of fiscal and financial policies, guide the banking financial institutions to increase support for sponge city construction. Housing urban and rural development, the state development bank recently issued notice, to establish and perfect the system of urban construction project reserves sponge, increase credit support for sponge city construction projects, build efficient and smooth work coordination mechanism, developmental financial support to promote urban construction sponge.

           According to the notice, the national development bank, put the sponge urban construction as the key areas of the credit support, housing, urban and rural construction departments at all levels to the state development bank as key cooperation, strengthen cooperation, enhance urban construction project funds guarantee, sponge with good credit.

           From city to city, sponge city construction projects should be determined rationally to establish urban construction project reserve, sponge and clear project rolling plan and the annual construction plan. The end of march, 2016, to complete the project of 2016 and the rolling planning construction planning work, and the project information to submit the housing urban and rural development. Since then, a year before the end of October to submit the plan for next year construction project information.

            Each branch of the China development bank to finance planning, innovative financing model. More comprehensive business ability, to the general contracting mode operation sponge urban construction project of the whole enterprise credit support, to build large specialized construction operation main body; On the premise of risk control, business sustainable, actively carry out with purchasing service agreement expected return as the secured loan business; For eligible sponge urban construction project implementation main body to provide special construction funds, used to supplement capital shortfalls. At the same time, to strengthen the credit support, priority support and reconstruction of shanty towns, the dangerous house, old village combining organic update sponge city construction projects; Into urban construction project reserve sponge and adopts the model of the PPP project of the operation of the whole package under the condition of the eligible for loans to give loans tilt, priority to provide credit support for the medium and long term.