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Staff Corner

Cosco has his

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         He is on stage, "comedian", even "elite" in the work. He is the wang chaton production.

         The company party, everyone had seen his sketch, humorous role left a very deep impression for everybody. On the job, however, he is also outstanding. His meticulous work, dedicated, with a positive attitude to treat their own work, work for both speed and quality, and not stick to one pattern, adequate planning content of yourself every day work. Smart as a whip, to discover the problems in the work, and put forward the feasibility of improvement Suggestions, 2014-2015 for two consecutive years was named company performance prominent.

        Nearly period of time, due to the production task more, he is responsible for the mold class task is more big, he said he was from the management mold class since lost 10 pounds. Visible, on the job he is how a strong sense of responsibility. To the company for many years, he is already a company's old staff, in talking with him, he said, a person may have the ability of size, but the first thing to correct attitude, even if again small and humble work should be taken seriously.

        At work, we have to study wang this kind of work attitude, no matter do anything, mind should be return to zero, emptying himself, holding the learning attitude, take every task as a new beginning, a new experience, the sublimation of itself in learning.