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Staff Corner

Company to carry out the said product westward journey team video training activities

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      On July 29 in the afternoon, the company all staff to watch the curriculum of said product westward journey team training activities, this training aims to improve the staff's team spirit, improve the staff's accomplishment and overall quality, the company each department staff actively took part in the training.

      Is gradually increasing with the rapid development of society, the pressure of competition, each person's attitude affects the development of the organization and individual, teachers combination of journey to the west in the video segments of the lead to work at ordinary times, some of the issues of life has carried on the simple and easy to understand, vividly explain to you the importance of harmonious team, how to improve personal happiness, how to build a harmonious team, to everyone in have made a new improve self-awareness, interpersonal communication and understanding, all felt benefit.

      Members want to timely communication, understanding, guarantee the accuracy of the unrestricted information transmission. As members of the organization one, the mission of the organization to ensure efficient are complete, do what you should do, from the details of the daily work and things to do every thing, in the organization and its members personal "win-win" effect.

      Hope you can apply through this video training, form good habits in our daily life and work habits, team work spirit, work together, happy work, happy life, contribute to the overall progress to promote the harmonious development of ocean.