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Staff Corner

Fun spring outing Interpretation of mountain tour

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      In the bloomy spring season, all things recovery, everywhere is full of vitality and vigor of youth. To enrich employees amateur life, improve the enterprise culture construction and motivate the staff, enhance the friendship between colleagues, enhance employees' sense of belonging and cohesion of the enterprise, so as to promote the communication between employees and create a strenuous enterprising, positive atmosphere, the company's organization with "date spring hand ocean" as the theme employees spring outing activities - a day at the interpretation of the mountain scenery, enjoy spring the good scenery.

      The interpretation of the mountain scenery one-day tour, the company cm two batch, the whole process, our team has always been a harmonious and warm atmosphere. Interpretation of mountain spring outing, relaxed without heat. Peaks, mountains around the clouds, bubbling streams, like WenQin sound. Back to company by bus in the afternoon, interpretation of mountain tour ended, after carefully this travel at the same time, and to have begun preparing for a new job. Believe that everyone will take the more energy, more high enthusiasm in the work. For ocean contribute own strength, work together for this big family, because we are a family.

          For a long time, our company will adhere to the people-oriented management concept, cultivating enterprise culture, embodied humanistic care, held the style of the staff happy activities many times. The spring outing activities organized by the company under the support of the leadership of the company, organized, complete smoothly, you are also a lot of fun. Through this activity to enrich employees amateur cultural life, arouse the enthusiasm of the employees' work, and strengthen the communication between staff, enhance the team consciousness has played a positive role, also increased the staff take care of the nature of consciousness.